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EPDM/Roofing Installation

Direct Cladding Ltd are Firestone approved specialist installers of Firestone EPDM single-ply membranes - the modern durable no-heat, no-risk alternative to bituminous felt roofing.

Direct Cladding Ltd specialise in zero heat flat roofing installations for the domestic market.

EPDM rubber roofing membranes offer not only flame free installation but a level of durability not normally attributed to build up felt roofing with twenty year warranties available in most applications. 

EPDM is made from synthetic rubber membrane. It is a remarkable material that you can stretch and it will not tear, split or crack and is unaffected by ozone and UV light. It is designed to outlast all conventional roofing materials. Installation costs however remain competitive in comparison.

Because of the incredible size of our Firestone EPDM rolls there are very few roofs that cannot be installed in one piece. All Firestone roofs come with a manufacturer's guarantee of 20 years.

Our approach is straight forward. We have a better, longer lasting, roofing product. Installation is carried by our own employees. We will advise on the installation from start to finish.

Because Direct Cladding are approved installers, we are able to answer any practical questions you may have.

So contact Direct Cladding today for your free, no obligation quotation.


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